Welcome to the Women Organization for Research Mentoring in STEM or WORM in STEM!

Logo design: Amy Pribadi

Are you looking for a mentor who is matched to your needs and personal background?

Are you interested in mentoring and empowering younger women in STEM?

If the answer to either is YES, you came to the right place!

WORM is aimed at fostering personalized and thus useful mentoring experiences for women in STEM at UCSD at all levels. To give both mentors and mentees the most meaningful mentoring relationship, mentees can search through potential mentor profiles to find a mentor that matches her needs and interests. Mentors can accept or reject mentee applications to allow for the best fit. We welcome all students, postdocs, staff, faculty, emeriti, alumni, and friends from industry who identify as female or non-binary.

Join WORM in STEM today as either a mentor, mentee or both and feel the empowerment!

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