October 2022:

This is the former website of WORM (Women's Organization for Research Mentorship) in STEM program, hosted within the School of Biological Sciences (BioSci) here at UC San Diego. This program was started by former UCSD Prof. Eva Maria-Schoetz, and was expanded in 2019 by former UC San Diego grad student Delaney Pagliuso, who graduated with her PhD in 2021.

Thanks to the widespread support, interest and participation in the program, the WORM in STEM program successfully facilitated mentorship relationships across campus, growing to over 500 members. We also hosted multiple community events, including collaborations with the Women’s Center at UC San Diego and the Biology Undergraduate and Master’s Mentorship (BUMMP) program.

Despite its successes, the WORM program faced challenges due to the pandemic, and due to the aging web platform that formed the basis of mentor pairing within the WORM program. Therefore, the WORM in STEM program has been discontinued in order to regroup, and focus our efforts on supporting ongoing mentorship organizations on campus. See below for a list of various mentorship opportunities at UC San Diego.

If you have any questions, please contact: Emily Troemel, Chair of the BioSci Web Operations Committee